Basic Swaps

Here is a table of my most frequent swaps:

Traditional Better Best
White Burger bun Low GI Wholemeal or Seeded Bap Portobello Mushrooms
White Lasagna Wholemeal Lasagna Courgette, Aubergine or Butternut slices
White Spaghetti Wholemeal Spaghetti Courgetti
Noodles Wholemeal Noodles Boodles (Butternut noodles)
White Bread Low Gi Wholegrain or seeded bread Sugar free Rye bread (Biona)
Mashed potato Mashed sweet potato Mixture of mashed sweet potato and butternut squash
Potato chips Sweet potato chips Butternut Chips
Bread sandwich Wholemeal wrap Sweet potato Wrap
Couscous Brown cous cous giant wholegrain cous cous
White Rice Brown rice, Wild rice Quinoa
Sugar Honey, Maple Syrup, Date Syrup Freshly made date paste, manuka honey, rice nectar
Fruit yoghurts Plain greek yoghurt Coyo Coconut Yoghurt
Milk Chocolate 70% dark chocolate 100% chocolate (Chocolate Madagascar is by far the best)
Muffin (for eggs benedict) Rye Bread Portobello Mushrooms or Aubergine (Pictured above)
Baked Beans low sugar baked beans Homemade baked beans using sweet potato
White flour Wholegrain flour Coconut, almond or oat flour
Sugary cereals Sugarfree Cereals Homemade granola
Macaroni Wholegrain Macaroni Cauliflower florets