Welcome to Food Swaps

Every considered using Portobello Mushrooms instead of bread buns for burgers, making your own baked beans using sweet potatoes or swapping spaghetti for courgetti and using butternut instead of lasagna sheets? I do.

Why?  Because 4 years ago I weighed 118 kilograms which is 18 stone and I was unhappy and very immobile.  I lost over 30 kilograms by significantly reducing my sugar intake and increasing my mobility.  Keeping the weight off is still challenging as I’ve not had much time for exercise but I still make healthy swaps to ensure my sugar intake stays low.

Here I intend to share with you the amazing food bloggers who have inspired me along the way, recipes I’ve created and adapted to ensure my love of cooking and healthy eating is indulged on a regular basis as well as simple, everyday swaps you can make for a healthier lifestyle.

I’ll share with you how my ingredients in my kitchen have changed and what are my new staples like portobello mushrooms, sweet potato, butternut squash, courgette and aubergine.  Alongside medjool dates and maple syrup for those occasions that require a little decadence. Lots, lots, lots more pulses – one of my all time favourite alternatives is Amber’s amazing mushroom and lentil bolognaise, I replace the pasta with courgetti which allows me to indulge in having grated cheddar cheese sprinkled on top.




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