Afternoon Coffee

Swap out your wheat flour with almond or coconut and substitute cane sugar for pure Maple Syrup


I recently discovered an amazing food blogger who has a site called Erin Lives Whole. As a result I have made these crumble slices over and over again using freshly picked blackberries and reducing the maple syrup by half. They are fab for breakfast (Yes seriously), afternoon coffee (or tea) or as a dessert served with your favourite cream or yoghurt. Coyo is my favourite but it is expensive.

Her recipe is here and despite her advice to leave the crust to cool completely or the berry mixture overnight I have found that even if you speed up the process it all works out brilliantly.  So here are my tips:

  1. Half the maple syrup in every element, in fact leave it out of the fruit as that is sweet enough.
  2. If you are focused on reducing your fructose then substitute the maple syrup with rice or malt nectar.
  3. Make the base and whilst it is in the oven cook the berries and put them in the fridge to cool.
  4. Once the crust is cool the berries should be set so you can continue to make the crumble and bake it.
  5. Line a tray with greaseproof paper or foil as it makes it easier to get the whole bake out so you can slice it easily.
  6. Using half the maple syrup and assuming a yield of 15 slices each slice is 150 calories.

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